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Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. Bilaspur Police has taken major action against junk. In which the police have seized 2 pickups filled with copper scrap. The pickup coming from Raipur belonged to Sunil Relvani, a resident of Industrial Area Tifra. After investigation of which the GST department has imposed a fine of Rs 5 lakh 50 thousand. Police raided the scrap warehouse and also seized scrap worth Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand.

Actually, the police had received information that Sunil Railwani, resident of Industrial Area, Tifra Police Station, Sirgitti, was bringing scrap filled with copper from Raipur through 2 pickups. After which the police blocked both the pickups and checked them at Chakarbhatha police station. About four tonnes of useless copper binding wire scrap was filled in separate sacks in both the pickups. Which did not have GST bill. Rather, transportation was being done in raw bills. Taking action under section 102 in the matter, GST department was informed. After investigation by the GST department, a fine of Rs 5 lakh 50 thousand has been imposed on Sunil Relvani after he was found to be evading GST.

After this, the police raided the scrap warehouse of Sunil Railwani located in Tifra industrial area. Where many scrap materials of copper and brass, nuts, bolts, spare parts, copper winding wire etc. were found. Due to non-submission of bill, all the goods were confiscated under section 102 and kept in Sirgitti police station. The value of the scrap material seized in the warehouse is approximately Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand. A demand has been made to issue valid bills for the copper and brass scrap material found in the scrap shop of Sunil Railwani. Separate action will be taken if the bill is not submitted.

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