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Bijapur. Before the Lok Sabha elections, BJP has handed over the command of the party to Jagdalpur MLA Kiran Dev from South after the Chief Minister from North and has given place to Narayanpur MLA Kedar Kashyap in the cabinet. This decision of BJP has been welcomed by all the senior BJP members of Bastar. Bastar in-charge G Venkat has expressed happiness and congratulated the entire people of Bastar on Kedar Kashyap getting a place in the cabinet after coming to power. Along with this, he has also expressed happiness over making Jagdalpur MLA Kiran Dev the state president.

G Venkat told that Kiran Dev comes from the general category. Earlier, tribals and OBCs have been given a chance as president. Apart from Nandkumar Sai, Vishnudev Sai, Vikram Usendi has been the tribal president. Dharamlal Kaushik and Arun Sao have been presidents from OBC category. Before this, Dr. Raman Singh from general category had been the state president. Kedar Kashyap has once again been made a minister. On this, Bastarji Venkat said that a bigger responsibility than Bastar reflects the misguided thinking of BJP, BJP has respected the demand of the people. Not only the stalled development works in Narayanpur Assembly will get momentum. Rather, the work will speed up as per the expectations of the people of Bastar.

He also says that Bastar is a tribal dominated area. Only a tribal can understand the ground situation of Bastar closely. Now since the Chief Minister of the state is also a tribal. Therefore, the fundamental rights of the tribals will be protected. They will have all-round development. With this aim in mind, BJP has honored the people of Bastar by giving the command of the party to one from Bastar and a place in the cabinet to senior leader Kedar Kashyap.