June 9, 2023

Today, three infected have been found in nearby villages including Tilda city. Corona patients are increasing every day. While the medical department has been worried about the infectives growing every day since July 12, it has become necessary for the common man to strictly follow the corona rules as the growing case in every heart, not only the city but the surrounding area, Has made it clear that it is not possible to stop karona without following rules.

There are apprehensions among people amidst increasing cases. From Thursday night to Friday night, a message ran on the mobile of almost every mobile user – with the state being rapidly increasing the corona infection in Tilda, in such a situation, a lockdown can be imposed again from 18 to 31 July. However, the government has no intention of imposing a lockdown.

After coming to Corona positive first, there has been a big difference in the strictness and fear of the government and general public and the situation today. The result is increasing cases every day. ‘Naiduniya’ knows the main reasons due to which cases are increasing and people are becoming careless but in such a situation the danger is increasing.

Five reasons for sudden infection increase

– Immediately after the last positive case, quarantine was done for at least 15 days in a quarantine center or hospital. Now after coming positive, symptoms are asked. If normal, keep home quarantine or maximum 3 days in hospital.

– Earlier, the family was quarantined, due to which the investigation was done and admitted after seeing the symptoms. Now most are taking information of the occasion. 90 percent of the patients are being quarantined at home.

The patient who was quarantined in the hospital was fully cared for. Food and drink were all done in a manner. Now it is quarantined and it is done. No facilities for medicine and food are available where it is kept.

Earlier, no five people were gathered in one place, action was done and it was explained. Now people can be seen in the place-place group. Many continue to meet without masks and without sanitizers.

First, there were less positives in the villages and towns, then people were afraid and afraid to meet each other. Now, when the full introduction is correct, the fear of people is coming out, even without mass chaupal mass smoking.

15 members of 4 families have come due to infection

The city continues to have frequent corona infections. So far, 50 positive cases have been found in the former block including the city. Apart from this, the Station Master..Doctor .. Health personnel Panchayat personnel have also been found infected. On 12 July, there was a positive report of a fever and a cold. Two members of a family and two spouses in a family were found infected in the Indian Border Tibet Police Camp at Math in Tilda Block.

Corona will stop with power

First sanitization, second mask, third social distancing॥

Shopkeepers do this .. Do not deal with any customer who is not wearing a mask and social distancing is becoming part of the crowd, the system can start to interrupt customers again and again ..

Police Administration: Wherever there is a possibility of crowds, take strict strict action according to the guidelines. Make strong arrangements to avoid crowding in one place.

Customer or retailer: – After wearing the mask, go to any shop or vegetable market. If it is crowded, wait for some time. Take full care of social distancing. Do not even touch the goods that are not to be taken.