Be careful if you get a phone call for a personal loan

Be careful if you get a phone call for a personal loan

July 9, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

Be careful if you get a call and talk about giving Kovid-19 personal loan as a front bank officer. Because the thugs are not harping on capitalizing on the global epidemic. In the Corona era, thugs are making their victims in the name of Kovid-19 personal loan being given to the common people, small traders for the purpose of getting out of the economic crisis. Now such complaints are also reaching the state cyber cell, SP office, crime branch police station. In the last 15 days, 3 people have received calls, out of which 2 have also been victims of cheating.

Under the guise of Kovid-19 personal loan, vicious minds are constantly calling and implicating common people. These people, calling themselves bank officials, talk about giving loans to people in easy installments and at low interest. After this, people are asked to apply online from mobile. Then, by depositing money in the name of security and other processes, they cheat.

What is Kovid-19 personal loan

During the Corona period, people are in economic crisis due to long trade, industry shutdown. Jobs have also been lost due to the closure of companies and industries. In such a situation, banks have started giving Kovid-19 personal loans through economic package to get people out of this economic crisis. In this, the rate of interest is much lower than the personal loan usually found. In a personal personal loan, the interest varies from 8 to 25 percent, while the interest in it is being stated as 7 to 10.25 percent annually.

They cheated in Gwalior

Case-1: Somendra Kumar, resident of Risala Bazaar Murar is a businessman. He has suffered a lot in the lockdown. Because of this, he was thinking of putting the business back for a long time. Meanwhile, he got a call about 10 days ago. The caller, calling himself a bank officer, offered a loan of Rs 1 lakh. After this, in the name of process, security and file charge, 20 thousand rupees were paid in Paytm. Even after this, when the loan was not received, the victim reached the cyber cell.

Case-2: Laxmiganj resident Imran received a similar call. The caller offered him a Kovid-19 personal loan from State Bank. He was also offered a loan of Rs 1 lakh. Got information from him on mobile only. Asked for online application. After this, asked for 5 thousand rupees as file charge, but Imran showed understanding. He asked to come to the bank and meet. After this, the caller disconnected the call.

Do not share your personal details if any call comes in the name of loan or in the name of any other bank service. Vigilance is the only protection.