June 7, 2023

Keep these precautions in the use of Tulsi

In todays era, the emphasis is on the use of basil. The use of basil in the coronary period is considered very important. While big doctors are recommending to eat Tulsi at this time, Tulsi is also considered to be a very useful plant in spirituality. But do you know that there can be some disadvantages of consumption of Tulsi, if you do not use it with some precautions then it can also harm you instead of profit. Let us give you important information related to the medicinal use of Tulsi.

Basil rosary

Wearing a rosary of Tulsi in the neck increases vitality, relieves many diseases. It is beneficial to chant the name of Bhagwat on the garland of Tulsi. By pouring water of Tulsi leaves in the mouth of the deceased at the time of death, he gets free from all sins and goes to Lord Vishnu’s world and gets salvation.

Use of basil with milk is true or false

A section of the Brahmavaivarta Purana states that Tulsi leaves should be harvested only after sunrise. Basil leaves should not be added to milk. Basil can be harmful and not harmful. The scientific view also says that basil with milk becomes acidic and harmful.

Right direction of basil plant

By the way, basil plant can be planted in the house in all directions. But the most auspicious and suitable direction for this is considered to be North-East. The Tulsi plant in this direction does not fade quickly and also provides healing.

Do not break basil leaves at such time

It has been told in the Puranas that on the full moon, Amavasya, Dwadashi and Surya-Sankranti day, midday, night, both at the time of the evening and defecation, the person who breaks the basil leaf without washing it, as if Lord Shree The forehead of sin commits sin.

To get special benefits

Chew five to seven leaves of basil daily on an empty stomach every morning and drink a glass of water placed in a copper vessel overnight. There is a lot of benefit from this experiment. Keep in mind that the particles of basil leaves should not remain between the teeth. With this, your teeth will be affected and your stomach will be affected.

Basil is not considered stale

Stale flowers and stale water are prohibited for worshiping but Tulsi Dal and Ganga Jal are not prohibited even when stale. Therefore, if you wish, you can keep many leaves of Tulsi for worshiping.

Effective in blood pressure

Experts tell that Tulsi is an amazing medicine, which is very beneficial in regulating blood pressure and digestive system, increase blood pressure and mental diseases. Tulsi has proved extremely useful in malaria and other types of fevers. Tulsi helps in protecting celibacy and also enhances memory. Soaking about one gram powder of basil seed in water at night and taking it on an empty stomach in the morning helps a lot in semen protection.