June 2, 2023

Establishment of an elephant reserve, recruitment of 15 thousand regular teachers, launch of Suposhan Abhiyan, setting up of Indravati Development Authority and Sports Authority are among the string of announcements made by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in his Independence Day speech.

He said the state government would establish the Lemru Elephant Reserve in Korba district. The move aims at resolving the growing man- elephant conflicts in the area.

Pointing out that movement of elephants often causes casualty and damage of property, Baghel said major reason behind the damage was unavailability of proper habitat for elephants.

“Lemru Elephant Reserve will be established in the state as one-of-its-kind elephant reserve in the world, which will not only serve as permanent habitat for elephants but will also prevent the damange caused by the movement of elephants,” the CM said.

Further the reserve would contribute in saving wild life and preserving biodiversity, he added.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti i.e. on October 2, Suposhan Abhiyan would be launched in the state, with the objective to eradicate malnutrition and anemia, the CM further announced.

“We have taken the initiative to make alternative arrangement of nutritious food distribution such as chickpeas, fruits, eggs etc in tribal        populated districts, he said.

“Currently, this scheme is being implemented as pilot project in Bastar, Dantewada, Korba, Sarguja, Koriya and in selected gram panchayats of a few other districts,” he added.

From October 2 it would be launched across the state.

Indravati Development Authority:

The Congress-government in the state also decided to constitute the Indravati Development Authority to revive Indravati river, the    lifeline of Bastar region.

Announcing this the CM said pollution control and  conservation of rivers– Mahanadi, Shivnath, Kelo, Hasdeo, Bango, Kharun—would be done through local bodies.

Apart from that the CM also announced formation of a Sports Authority to hone the skills  of the state’s  sports talents through proper training. Besides, sports schools and academies would be established in different regions of the state, the CM said.  For the purpose, 55 sports instructors would be recruited in the state, Baghel declared.

Meanwhile, to relieve a number of tribal families of Bastar from the criminal cases, a committee chaired by a retired judge of the Supreme Court had been constituted, the CM further announced in his I-D speech. 

In his address, he further highlighted that for smooth working of cowsheds, active community participation would be ensured.

Government would       provide financial aid of `10 thousand per month to cowshed management committees.

The CM said that ‘Narva, Garva, Ghurva, Bari’ would revive the rural economy and environment.

“More than 1000 cowsheds against the target of 1900 cowsheds have been constructed and inaugurated. Construction of 1560 more cowsheds has been approved,” he said.

“There was a time when cowsheds were centre of rural culture, but now these will become the centre of economic development of villages,” the CM claimed.

Staff Selection Commission:

Staff Selection Commission would be constituted in Bastar and Sarguja so as to give preference to local youth in government jobs, the CM said.

To facilitate district cadre for recruitment on Grade-III and IV in Korba district, like Bastar and Sarguja division, the state government had extended the time limit for the same to December 31, 2021, the CM told the gathering. 

“Youth belonging to extremely backward tribes will be provided the benefit of direct recruitment in government services of the state,” he said.

To provide proper facilities of quality education to the upcoming generation,    Baghel-led government also decided to recruit 15 thousand regular teachers.

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