June 10, 2023

Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan LIVE Updates: Preparations for the grand temple of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya have started on a war footing. The date of August 5 has been fixed for Bhoomi Pujan. Special pooja rituals will start from 3 August. Meanwhile, there are plans to build the grandest in this temple of Lord Shri Ram. Among the selected temples of the country and the world, the temple of Ankorwat in Cambodia, Brihadeeswarar Temple located in Thanjavur, South India, Jagannath Temple in Odisha, Meenakshi Temple of Madurai, Ranganath Temple of Tiruchipalli, Sun Temple of Konark etc. are prominent. It is being said that now in this list of grand temples, the temple to be built on Ramjanmabhoomi will be included.

Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan LIVE Telecast: The program of Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan at Ayodhya on August 5 can be seen live across the country. All the channels from Doordarshan to it will be broadcast live. The event will be somewhat like the ‘Howdy Modi’ event held in September 2019 in Houston, USA. At the same time, it is discussed that veteran BJP leader LK Advani will also be present during the Bhoomi Pujan. On Wednesday night, Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited Advani’s house for half an hour. Since then, there is speculation that Advani may also visit Ayodhya on 5 August.

Difference after announcement of increase in size of proposed temple

– Earlier, the temple was to be built in 37 thousand five hundred square feet.

– Now it will be constructed in an area of ​​about 76 to 84 thousand square feet i.e. about two acres.

– Height has also increased from 128 feet to 161 feet.- Where a quarter to two million cubic feet of stone was to be used in construction.

 -Three lakh cubic feet of stone is estimated to be used now.

– The temple was of two floors and there were 212 pillars on each floor according to 106.

– Now the temple will be of three floors and will have 318 pillars. Sculptures of 16 Yaksha

-Yakshanis will be engraved on all the pillars.Three peaks were proposed earlier, now five peaks are to be built now.