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December 2, 2020

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Astrologers Say – If You Chant Certain Mantras During The Solar Eclipse Period, Then The Crisis Can Be Averted From Your Head.

The first solar eclipse of the year is going to happen on Sunday, 21 June. This eclipse will be from 9:15 in the morning to 3: 4 in the afternoon. This eclipse is about to fall in the constellation of Mars. According to astrologers, this solar eclipse can have negative effects on many countries including India. This solar eclipse is falling at a time when there are a total of six planets including Rahu and Ketu. Astrologers say that if you chant certain mantras during the eclipse period, then the crisis can be averted from your head.

The Sutak period of solar eclipse will take place from 9:30 to 25 minutes on June 20, i.e. 12 hours. Sutak period is considered very important in eclipse. You can chant certain mantras only after the Sutak period.

These mantras will give benefits in solar eclipse

1. “Tamomaya Mahabhim Somasuryavimardana. 

2. “Vidhuntaud Namastubhya Singhikanandanachyut. Danananenan Nagasya Raksha Maa Vedhajadbhayata 629 “

3. “ॐAditya Vidyamhe Divakarai Dheemahi Tanna: Surya: Prachodayat

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