Artificial intelligence, new beginning in education with nano technology: Ramesh pokhriyal nishank

Artificial intelligence, new beginning in education with nano technology: Ramesh pokhriyal nishank

July 9, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

New Delhi: The Ministry of Human Resource Development will give priority to safeguarding the future as well as the health of the students while taking any decision. In addition, the Ministry will effectively implement initiatives like PM e-Vidya, One Nation, One Channel, so that education can be extended to all sections in this crisis. Union Human Resource Development Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ said, “Due to the epidemic, educational institutions have to be closed. So we focused on digital education and things like Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Vocational Training. There will be overall development of students.

Minister Nishank said this while addressing an education dialogue organized by ASSOCHAM on ‘Changing the threat of Kovid-19 as a new model of education’.

The Union Minister said, “In this asymmetrical situation, the responsibility is more towards the higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the more the responsibility of the higher educational institutions is to the society and I am happy that institutions like IITs, NITs and IIMs have done this unprecedented He has discharged this responsibility by his meritorious research during the Emergency. “

Nishank told the corporate world, “You can go ahead and support the education sector in this crisis. The education sector is still fully open for investment. The corporate world should capitalize on this opportunity and invest in it, so that we To strengthen the education system of the country. “

Dr. Nishank gave Digital India, Vocal for Local, Also talked on topics like digital divide etc. pervading the country. While talking on the digital divide, he also spoke about the steps taken in this direction.

He said, the Ministry of Human Resource Development turned the challenges faced by Corona into opportunities. In the meantime, all the decisions taken, constantly changing circumstances were taken into consideration.