June 10, 2023

Token photo Govind Chauhan
has crossed the border and arrested a Pakistani intruder in the Lam sector near Nowshera in Jammu Rajouri district. Army officials are constantly questioning this man. It is believed that he had come across the LoC to reiki army deployment.

According to the information, army personnel stationed in the Lam sector saw a stir late in the night. The soldiers saw that a person was coming from across the border. After which the army became alert. When he crossed the LoC and entered this side, he was captured. The army caught him and took him to the camp. Police was informed about this at the official level.

The army is still in the grip of the intruder,
tell us that the security agencies have such information that a team of terrorists are sitting in the border waiting for infiltration. In such a situation, the intruder is being intensely questioned SSP Rajouri Chandan Kohli says that an intruder has been arrested in Lam sector. But the army has not yet handed over to the police. After the handover to the police, his corona test will also be conducted. Only after inquiries will be known.

Caught another in four days
The army has caught a second intruder in four days. Earlier on July 15, an intruder was caught in Balakot sector on Poonch LoC. The police is engaged in interrogation after getting his korana test done.