June 5, 2023

People who do not like Ajit Doval call him behind the back, calling him as ‘Daroga’. His critics in the Ministry of External Affairs also criticize him as NSA (Pakistan).

Perhaps the reason for doing this is that in the eyes of these people, Doval does not have as much understanding of diplomacy and foreign policy as is required of this post. So many years ago when Doval’s two-hour videoconference with China’s Defense Minister Wong Yi, when Chinese forces retreated from the area they had claimed a few days ago, many people raised eyebrows. .

This was not the first time Doval had persuaded China to change its stand. Even in the year 2017, when the soldiers of India and China were standing face to face in Doklam, during the BRICS meeting, Doval had talked to his then counterpart Yang Jie Chi and saved the matter from catching up.

Their conversation not only continued on the phone, but together in the German city of Hamburg, they had prepared a plan for the withdrawal of the soldiers on both sides. In the midst of this diplomatic conversation, Doval was also able to send the message to the Chinese that if it is not resolved, the participation in Narendra Modi’s BRICS conference may be at risk.

Doval is the fifth National Security Advisor in India’s history. In 1998, this post was made on the lines of America during the reign of Vajpayee. The first appointment on this was that of former diplomat Brajesh Mishra, who held this post till 2004.