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Aftershine rains in Madhya Pradesh, floods in Hoshangabad, army called, 17 gates of Bargi Dame opened

The situation in Madhya Pradesh is getting difficult due to the rains, floods in Hoshangabad have worsened the situation. Due to this, the army has now been called. Two units of NDRF also reached for help, even helicopters have reached Hoshangabad. At the same time, continuous rain continues in the capital Bhopal. 97.7 mm water was recorded in Bhopal till 6 am on Saturday morning. Due to continuous rains in Jabalpur and nearby districts, the situation is deteriorating, 17 gates of Bargi dam have been opened.

It is said that due to incessant rains in Madhya Pradesh, water has exceeded 90 percent of the capacity in 120 dams out of 251 in the state. In such a situation, the risk of flooding in the lower areas has increased with the opening of the gate to most dams. Talking about Hoshangabad, the water level of Narmada reached 968.90, 4 feet above the danger mark of 964 feet due to heavy rains here. By opening all 13 gates of Tawa Dam 30-30 feet, 5 lakh 33 thousand 823 cusecs of water is being released per second. Similarly, water is being released from 17 gates of Bargi Dam, due to which water has increased in the Ghats of Narmada. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan canceled his tour due to floods in Hoshangabad, along with heavy rains in Sehore, Raisen and Sagar. An emergency meeting was called at 10 am at the Chief Minister’s residence. He inquired about the water level of major rivers of the state. The Chief Minister has asked the officials to keep an eye on the situation. As and when required, take immediate steps on it. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that the water level in Narmada and its allied rivers has increased. Many rivers are flowing above the danger mark. An alert for heavy rains has been issued in the next 48 hours in some parts of the state. NDRF and SDRF are on alert.

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