After 15 years, Sourav Ganguly’s big reveal- ‘Not only was Greg Chappell, but everyone involved in snatching my captaincy and getting me out of the team’

After 15 years, Sourav Ganguly’s big reveal- ‘Not only was Greg Chappell, but everyone involved in snatching my captaincy and getting me out of the team’

July 10, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

Former captain of Team India and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly has talked about the most difficult phase of his career. Ganguly is counted among the most successful captains of Team India, but 2005 was a disappointing year for him. He was stripped of the captaincy and after that he was also dropped from the team. Ganguly said that not only former coach Greg Chappell was involved in removing him from the team but the entire system. Ganguly believes it was unfair to snatch the captaincy from him. 

In an interview to Bengali newspaper Sangbad daily, Ganguly talked about the most difficult phase of his career. He said, ‘That was the biggest shock of my career. I was treated unfairly. I know you can’t always get justice, but whatever happened to me shouldn’t have happened to me. I was the captain of Team India and returned after winning from Zimbabwe and I was removed from the captaincy as soon as I returned home. I dreamed of winning the 2007 World Cup for India.

‘Winning the 2007 world cup was my dream’

Ganguly further said, ‘Before we reached the final (2003 World Cup), I had reasons to dream this. In five years, the team did well under my captaincy, whether in India or outside. Then you suddenly drop me from the team? You say that I am not part of the ODI international team and then I am also dropped from the Test team. Ganguly said that I have no doubt that it started with Greg Chappell’s e-mail sent to the BCCI, in which a lot of things were written against him and which were leaked.

‘Does this happen?’

Ganguly said, ‘I won’t just blame Greg Chappell. There is no doubt that he started all this. He wrote an e-mail to the board against me, which was leaked. Does something like this happen? A cricket team is like a family. People may have differences, there may be misunderstanding, but all this can be resolved through dialogue. You are the coach, if you think that I should play in some special way, then you tell me. When I returned to the team as a player, they told me, so why was it not done earlier?

‘Everyone had a hand in dropping from the team’

Ganguly did not hold Chappell alone responsible for this, stating that it was not possible that someone would remove the captain without the help of the system. He said, ‘Even the rest of the people were not innocent. A foreign coach, who had no opinion in the team selection, cannot drop the captain of Team India. I understood this cannot happen without system support. Everyone was involved in getting me out of the team, but I did not get scattered under pressure, my confidence did not end. Ganguly returned to the team with a South African tour in 2006 after being dropped from the team in 2005. Ganguly returned to international cricket with runs and played some memorable innings of his career over the next two years.

Ganguly retired in 2008

He played his last Test match against Australia in Nagpur in 2008 and announced his retirement. Ganguly scored 11363 runs in 311 ODIs and 7212 runs in 113 Tests. His account includes 22 ODIs and 15 Test centuries. Ganguly is without great captains, as he took over Team India after the 2000 fixing scandal and led the team under his captaincy.