June 6, 2023

New Delhi 5G technology In India 5G  service is next generation cellular technology, through which we can make faster and more reliable communication. According to a government panel report, data network speed with 5G is expected to be up to 2-20 GB per second.

5G will be so fast: It is certain about 5G that it will be faster than 4G, but how much it depends on many things. According to wireless chipmaker Qualcomm, the download speed in 5G was 4.5 GB per second during a demonstration. Although the average speed is considered to be 1.4 GB per second download. This means that it will be around 20 times faster than existing 4G. This high speed speed will be noticeable in streaming high quality video quality. According to Qualcomm, it will take only 17 seconds to download an entire movie with 5G, today on 4G it is about 6 minutes.

This technology is important: 5G technology also provides another kind of speed. We can think of it as such that we issue a command on a smartphone, such as a web search. We do not get immediate response to this. A difference of 50 to several hundred milli-seconds is common. This is because the signals have to pass through several switching centers. 5G uses new networking technology. It is designed so that it reduces delay. It also offers several other benefits, notably in many areas such as virtual reality. Also, the impact of 5G will be seen in medical and other fields, which depend on high speed. At the same time, the consumer will also need to replace their current devices.

This will have an economic impact: According to a report of a government-appointed panel, 5G to 2035 could generate a billion dollar economic impact in India. Also, according to an Ericsson report, 5G in India is expected to generate revenues of over $ 27 billion by 2026. Also, the global telecom industry GSMA estimates that India will have 70 million 5G connections by 2025.