1962 war veteran tashi excited by modi’s visit to neemu village

1962 war veteran tashi excited by modi’s visit to neemu village

July 9, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

Former military stalwart Teesring Tashi, who took the lead in the 1962 war with China, is excited that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited his village in Leh a week before, amidst the ongoing deadlock with China.

Tashi laughed, “I did not know that the Prime Minister of India was here in my village and was talking to the soldiers. I came to know after he left.”

Tashi said, “His visit was really necessary for Nemo. It has boosted the morale of our soldiers. He could not go to the forward post (forward post), but it was great that he lectured here.” He said that this tour also brought peace to the souls of the soldiers and this would surely make the army happy.

India lost 20 soldiers, including a colonel, during a violent clash with Chinese troops on the night of 15 June in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh. After the martyrdom of the soldiers, the Prime Minister visited Neemu amid the ongoing deadlock from China, which has great significance for the Indian Army’s morale as well as Tashi’s 80-year-old.

Even after 58 years of India’s defeat in the 1962 war with China, the voice of remorse and mourning has not vanished, as he recalls how India lost the war and territory to China.

Explaining the vision of the then chief of China, Zhou Enlai, before the 1962 war, the former military veteran said, “Ram Ram in the mouth and a knife in the side.” Tashi also recalled the time when he joined the army in 1959 and only three years later a war broke out with China.

He said, “The war started at one o’clock (October 20, 1962). Both India and China had military posts near the DBO (Daulat Beg Oldi), the world’s highest airstrip at an altitude of 16600 feet. Was one of them. “

Tashi said, “We used to patrol while on Chinese horses. Our vehicles did not reach our posts, but did reach them. Their numbers were higher than ours. We were very few.”

“At that time there were only two units of the army – one at Chushul and the other at DBO. So we airlifted our soldiers from Pathankot to the Jat regiment directly at the DBO airstrip,” he said.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China attacked Indian military posts located at Chip Chap Valley, Galvan Valley, Pangong Lake and many other places. The Chip Chap River flows from east to west to the south of Daulat Beg Oldi.

By the month of October, the winter in Ladakh had reached full swing and high altitude areas like DBO were facing difficulty. The temperature also reached the freezing point.

Tashi said, “Our soldiers did not find the time to adapt to the climate, but they decided to fight. Their hands froze, they lost their limbs. So we had to retreat.” Tashi mentioned how soldiers died in the cold.

Recalling the time of the war, he said that the army lost 20 to 30 soldiers at a nearby post. Tashi said, “They (People’s Liberation Army) also took some of our soldiers prisoners. However one of them survived. I don’t know how he came back.”

Around two o’clock in the night, Tashi left in a Shaktimaan truck to bring more troops to assist the DBO.

He said, “I got 30 to 40 soldiers, but our vehicle got stuck in the snow in a frozen flow. Maybe our life was saved because our vehicle got stuck. It was early morning when we were ready to go.” Then we could still see. Due to the morning light our commandant enabled us to move a bit further. I was the guide. But by the time we got there, the PLA soldiers had occupied our territory. So we had to return. “

Tashi also recalled the martyrdom of Major Shaitan Singh of the Kumaon Regiment, who was instrumental in capturing Rejang La Ridge, which was important enough to prevent the airstrip from entering Chinese hands.

However Tashi believes that India is no longer the 1962 India and China can no longer defeat it.

He said that today’s India is very strong and it is touching a high. Tashi said that now every need of Indian troops on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is being met.

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