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17 crore notes of 2000 thousand ruined due to sanitizing

During the Corona period, large numbers of currency were damaged by sanitizing, washing and drying in the sun. According to the Reserve Bank of India, the notes of the most two thousand rupees have been damaged. This time more than 17 crore notes of 2 thousand came to RBI. Apart from this, notes of two hundred, five hundred, 10 and 20 rupees were also very bad.

According to the RBI report, 17 crore notes of two thousand rupees were spoiled this year. This number is 300 times more than last year. Ever since the news of corona infection being on the surface for some time, people started washing, sanitizing and drying in the notes. In banks, sanitizer is being sprayed on pits. The result of this is that the new currency, except the old one, has become very bad in a year.

Last year, 6 lakh notes of 2000 came. This time this number exceeded 17 crores. The new currency of 500 became ten times worse. Two hundred notes became more than 300 times worthless than last year. The new currency of twenty has deteriorated more than twenty times in a year.

If we talk about the year 2017-18, then at that time one lakh notes of 2 thousand came to RBI. At the same time, this number increased to 6 lakhs in 2018-19. This year, this number broke all records. In the year 2019-20, 17.68 crore notes of 2 thousand came to RBI. Similarly, if we talk about 500 notes, 1 lakh in 2017-18, 1.54 crore in 2018-19 and 16.45 crore in 2019-20. Let us know that every year, RBI has the highest 10, 20 and 50 bad notes.

In 2019-20 annual report released by RBI, it has been revealed that the trend of 200 and 500 rupee notes is increasing rapidly. In the year 2018, 18526 lakh pieces worth Rs 37,053 crore were in the Rs 200 note circulation. In the year 2019, 40005 lakh pieces worth Rs 80010 crore were in the circulation of Rs 200 notes, which were in the circulation of Rs 200 notes of Rs 53,646 lakh worth Rs 1,07,293 crore till March 2020.

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