June 10, 2023
  • Cattle caught from different areas of the city
  • Government is running a stopped-campaign, hence action

Raipur: In the last few days 1334 stray cattle have been caught from many areas of the city. By gathering information about their owners, the municipal corporation has fined Rs 2 lakh 8 thousand 750. The city is divided into 10 zones. This action was taken in all areas. Since June 19, the Municipal Corporation has been campaigning in urban areas to catch stray cattle. The captured cattle have been sent to Kanji House.

Deputy Commissioner of Municipal Corporation RK Dongre said that as a result of the government’s stopped-drive campaign, the work of straying of stray cattle will continue in the entire corporation area. This work is being done in the city for the purpose of stopping dirty, improving traffic. Under the Roca-Cheka campaign, the government is insisting on keeping cattle in urban areas in Kanji House, Gaushala or Gauthan. In rural areas, this campaign aims to prevent loss of crops to cattle.