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January 26, 2021

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12 days later, Lord Jagannath will enter the temple again today, his wood will be burnt by breaking the chariots in the kitchen stoves of the temple

  • Singar is also made with 200 kg of gold jewelery, artisans will take away some parts of the chariot
  • The chariot is made of wood from more than 2000 trees, which are brought from the forests near Puri.

Puri. After the rath yatra that ended on 1 July in Puri (Odisha), Lord Jagannath will now come to the main temple on Saturday. Since returning from the Gundicha temple, the Lord was still seated outside the temple on a chariot. At 5 pm on Saturday, he will be taken off the chariot and brought to the temple. After this, all three chariots will be broken. Their wood will be used as fuel in the Lord’s kitchen for a year.  

Even after returning to the rath yatra, God is kept outside the temple for three days. There are many traditions here. On Saturday evening, God will be taken off the chariot and brought to the gemstone throne inside the temple. Here the traditions of marriage of Lord Jagannath and Lakshmi will be fulfilled. After this, God will be installed in the sanctum sanctorum. 

There was a curfew-like situation since Rathyatra returned to the main temple. Although the tradition is that God stays outside the temple for three days and gives darshan to the public in different forms, but this year due to the lockdown all the traditions without devotees were done only in the presence of temple committee members and priests. The final rituals of the rath yatra will be completed on Saturday, even outsiders will not be able to enter it. 

When the chariot is opened some things like charioteer, horse and some idols will be kept safe. Artisans will carry parts of the chariot with them. They consider it their hard work and God’s blessings. Some people also carry chariots of wood for havan. In this way, the rath yatra will end on Saturday.  

  • The chariot is made of more than 2000 trees

Every year around 2000 trees are wooded for the construction of the chariot. Which is brought from the forests near Puri. According to the temple priest Pt. Shyam Mohapatra, the wood of the chariot is lit in the kitchen of the Lord for a year. Some wood will be taken to the monasteries for havan. Lord Jagannath’s kitchen is considered to be the largest kitchen in the world, with 752 stoves. It is an offering of God daily. 

  • Hundreds of kilograms of milk-butter enjoyment in Adhrapana on Friday

The tradition called Adhrapana was completed on Friday evening. In this, milk, Makhan, Ghee, Paneer etc. are offered to Lord Jagannath along with his siblings in 3-3 mats. The three idols are placed in front of the three idols, these are 3 to 4 feet, which come to the lips of God. A pot contains about 200 kg of milk, butter, etc. After offering to God, these mats are broken on the chariot itself, causing all the milk and butter to flow from the chariot to the road.

  • God wears 200 kg gold ornaments 

The god was decorated with gold ornaments on Thursday. In this tradition, around 200 kg gold ornaments were worn to Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra Devi. These ornaments are the traditional jewels of the temple, valued at crores. These ornaments are used only once a year. Millions of people come to see this form of God, but this year this tradition was played by imposing curfew in Puri.