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Vegetable mini insect offered to twenty-eight Baiga farmers holding forest rights lease – Lok

Below the steerage of Collector Mr. Rahul Dev, steady efforts are being made for the financial upliftment and improvement of Baiga farmers holding forest rights leases within the distant Vananchal villages of Achanakmar space. On this collection, yesterday, on January 13, in collaboration with the Tribal Growth Division, 28 packets of vegetable mini-insects, 616 fruit vegetation, 840 kg of vermicompost and 56 liters of Brahmastra natural insecticide have been distributed to twenty-eight forest rights holders of village Bijrakchar by the Division of Horticulture and Discipline Forestry. was distributed. Assistant Director of Horticulture Division Mr. Satish Kumar mentioned that as per the directions of the Collector, this provide was made for one acre of land to the Baiga farmers within the presence of public representatives. On this event, Sarpanch of the village, Chairman of Forest Safety Committee, regional employees of Horticulture Division and a lot of villagers have been current.

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