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The collector took inventory of the geranium plant in Sunderpur Gauthan – Lok

Collector Sushri Iffat Ara and District Panchayat CEO Sushri Leena Kosam inspected the geranium plant planted at Sunderpur Gouthan of Bhaiyathan block. He inspired 5 ladies self-help teams working in Gauthan to do higher work constantly to earn most advantages. Aromatic oil will probably be extracted from the geranium plant. The important oil will probably be offered for Rs 10 to fifteen thousand per litre. On account of which revenue will enhance. About 50 thousand saplings have been planted in Gothan. Preparations have been made for water, the collector directed to plant papaya, coral, banana and requested to put in fencing.
Collector Ms. Ara additionally noticed the pond of Gauthan and directed to deepen it in order that the supply of water stays fixed. Throughout this, he directed to conduct actions recurrently in goat shed, mushroom shed, hen shed. Throughout this, RES SDO Rajesh Kujur, Deputy Director Panchayat Rishabh Singh, MNREGA APO Dr. KM Pathak and officers of the division have been current.

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